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100 Rejections in 2022

That's my goal, folks! 100 rejections. 100 fails. 100 "no's." 100 times turned away.

I started this a few years ago after reading this insightful post.

And I was immediately surprised by how much easier submitting applications & proposal became AND how many things actually worked out that I might have been too scared to otherwise pursue. Whenever, I do something that feels especially bold, I just tell myself it's another thing to put on my "fail list."

Here are a few examples of successes that came from my "fail list":

  • I was awarded a grant to take voice lessons

  • I was accepted to present at a conference (one of these conference, I completed the application the night before the deadline!)

  • I was invited to give a lecture at a university while visiting the area

Sure, there were other things that I wasn't accepted to. I didn't win the audition I took. But in the process of taking the audition, I also learned a lot, growing as a musician and gaining valuable experience for the next audition I take.

As my sweet baby girl is expected to make her debut in about 3 months, I'm determined to show her how to fail. I want baby girl to see her mama pursuing her dreams and living courageously, so my daughter might also live courageously.

As a recovering perfectionist, aiming for rejections is SO much more attainable than aiming for acceptances. It's gratifying. And as the author's friend in the article stated:

Collect rejections. Set rejection goals. I know someone who shoots for one hundred rejections in a year, because if you work that hard to get so many rejections, you’re sure to get a few acceptances, too.

Another inspiration for me has been this brief clip from Sara Blakely, the CEO of Spanx, on reframing failure:

Start the conversation below and let me know how you frame success & failure, acceptances and rejections.

Will you join me in collecting rejections?

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