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Hi, I'm Annaka! I'm a life long perfectionist who focuses on the joy of music making, sharing that joy with others, and learning and growing through mistakes.

I'd love to meet you, so send me a message and let's chat.


Annaka Hogelin is an active musician, educator, and entrepreneur. She is a founding member of Cairn Music, a chamber ensemble that provides music for weddings and other events throughout Colorado.

Annaka's musical journey began nearly 30 years ago when she took her first piano lesson. She picked up the clarinet as a 5th grader in the Iowa public schools, and hasn't looked back! She started teaching clarinet lessons while she was in high school and has since taught students of all levels, from beginners to undergraduate music majors.

Annaka now teaches clarinet, saxophone, flute, and piano. She also teaches aural skills and music theory, connecting music theory to musical performance and preparing her students for college music theory courses.

Her teaching is characterized by fostering a love of music while also developing musical literacy in her students. She currently serves as the Middle and High School Band Assistant for the Estes Park School District, where she leads woodwind sectionals.

In 2019, Annaka completed a recording project called Training Groove, in which she collaborated with composers and other performers to create and record new music, designed to help runners maintain a high step frequency as they step to the beat of the music. 

She loves building relationships with her audiences through personal connections and storytelling. She has performed and presented Joan Tower's Wings for several different audiences. She presented her theoretical analysis at ClarinetFest 2018 in Ostend, Belgium but has also used the piece to introduce audiences to contemporary classical music through imagery, including a group of elementary school students and international college students.

While a doctoral student, she also served as lecturer for the University of Colorado Boulder Continuing Education program and as a graduate teaching assistant. In July 2019, Annaka presented "Applications of Singing in Applied Clarinet Lessons" at the ClarinetFest in Knoxville, TN.


With a knack for bringing things together, Annaka has served in many administrative roles including the Estes Chamber of Commerce, the MasterWorks Festival, and the Perrysburg Area Arts Council. She also enjoys web design and photography.

​She completed her Doctorate of Musical Arts degree at the University of Colorado Boulder. Annaka's principal clarinet instructors include Daniel Silver, Burt Hara, Kevin Schempf, Frank Kowalsky & Deborah Bish. She has studied piano with Thomas Rosenkranz and Joel Clifft.

In her free time she enjoys running and hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and young daughter. 

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