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Invite Dr. Hogelin to work with your students. I am available for workshops, presentations, and masterclasses for beginning students through college level students.


The Singing Clarinetist


Learn more about the voice and how to incorporate singing into your music making as an instrumentalist - from musical expression, technical facility, and even stage fright. I will share from my experience taking voice lessons with both Denise Stookesberry and Steven Groth.


Includes presentation, demonstrations, and workshop exercises that allow for active participation from the class.  

Imagery in Joan Tower's Wings for Clarinet

Lecture recital.

Presentation & performance of Wings for unaccompanied clarinet. The presentation is available for a wide range of target audiences:

  • Clarinet studio classes, in which I present the background information on the piece, a theoretical analysis of the piece, and conclude with a performance & performance considerations

  • General audiences, in which we discuss the elements of musical style and connect them to the imagery of a bird present throughout the piece. Serves as a great introduction to contemporary classical music.

  • Elementary students, in which we discuss the elements of musical style and how they can be used to depict a bird, complete with movement activities for active engagement

Music Theory for Performers


Taking the "theoretical" out of music theory and making it practical for performers, including tips for incorporating music theory into lessons with your own students.

For middle school, high school, or college students.

Developing Your Business as a Private Music Teacher


Learn about ways to streamline your business and better serve your customer - from the forms you create to the policies you have. 

Colorado All-State Audition Prep


High school students auditioning for Colorado All-State band have the opportunity to have a mock performance in front of their peers and learn from one another, as I offer practice strategies and suggestions applicable for everyone auditioning.

Additional tips on scales, sight-reading, and more are available upon request.

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