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At the Imperfect Music Studio, students learn, explore, and create, while discovering that music is a vehicle for expression, community, and joy. 



The Imperfect Music Studio serves the littlest musicians (0-5 years) in Estes Park with licensed Musikgarten classes. Children and their caregivers have fun with bouncing, moving, dancing, listening, stories, and playing musical instruments, all while developing the foundations of musical literacy and enhancing the bond between child and caregiver!

Instrumental Music Lessons

First and foremost, by enrolling in the Imperfect Music Studio you are taking music lessons, with the goal to develop musicianship, learning to play an instrument is just the channel for that musicianship.

Annaka teaches the following instruments:

  • Clarinet, bass clarinet (ages 10+)

  • Saxophone (ages 10+)

  • Flute (ages 10+)

  • Piano (ages 6+)

In addition, Annaka also teaches private music theory

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