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The goal of this 10 week virtual program is to help student improve their musical performance by studying music theory.

Summer Theory



No theory experience needed, just basic music reading skills. Ideal for advanced middle school students through recent high school graduates, including those who will be studying music in college as incoming freshmen. The course materials will help develop the foundations before enrolling in a college level course.

The class requires a minimum of 5 students and will have a maximum of 10 students. All students who sign up after the course has reached capacity will be added to the waitlist. If there are at least 5 additional students on the waitlist another section will be added.




Check back later for dates, rates, and registration for the 2022 Summer Music Theory program.


  • Develop your fundamentals

    • Notation and terminology

    • Intervals and triads

    • Rhythm and meter

    • Scales & key signatures

    • Introduction to harmony

  • Decode the Language of Music
    • Connect theoretical concepts to music you play, including all-state audition repertoire

    • Introduction to aural skills, linking what you see to what you hear

  • Improve Your Performance
    • Develop your sight reading skills

    • Learn music by ear then transform & transpose it

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